Natural Craft

Natural Craft

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Medieval Products

We manufacture & supply best quality products to Medieval Products like Drinking horns, Bowls, Powder Horns, Horn cup, Drinking Horns, Cow Horns, Powder Horn, Blowing Horn & so on. Our success has its roots in our commitment to quality and excellence in all spheres of our activities. Through our untiring efforts, we have always been able to maintain very high standard of quality in all our products, be it wooden items, bone products or horn products, and have acquired a formidable reputation worldwide.

Polished Cow Horn

We supply good quality clean & Polished Cow Horn For decorative, drinking  & other purposes. Our polished horns are very well accepted in market due its best polished & cleanliness. Please email us for our catalog.

Leather Horn Holder

Item Code: DH-9

Manufacturing & supplying good quality Leather Horn Holder to hold the drinking horns.

Drinking Cow Horn

Item Code: DH-1
We supply good quality Drinking Cow Horns. These horns are 100% safe for drinking because they are well cleaned, polished and painted from inside. These are available in natural colors. Please let us know your interest.

Drinking Horn

Item Code: DH-01

We supply good quality, clean & polished Drinking Horns of Cow. We paint inside for making it 100% safe for drinking. Our polished horns are very well accepted in market due to their uniqueness and availability at industry leading prices.

Its also called Viking Drinking Horns, please let us  know your interest.

Viking Drinking Horns

Item Code: DH-5
We are making Viking Drinking Horns. These horns are made from natural Cow Horns. It has brass finials & rims on the mouth to add the great look. Please let us know your requirements.

Antique Drinking Horns

Antique Drinking Horns

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Item Code: DH-2

We are manufacturing & supplying Antique Drinking Horns at reasonable prices. It is also called Viking Drinking Horns & Medieval Drinking Horns.

We paint inside the horns to make it drinkable. Please let me know if you have any interest.

Bugle Horns

We are manufacturing & exporting Blowing Whistle Horns made from Natural Cow Horns.These whistle are being used by children as  toys. It can also be used in promotional events e.g. football, cricket, rugby, volleyball games etc. These are available in various sizes.

Powder Horns

Item Code: DH-14.
We supply Powder Horns which have remarkably resulted in superior quality and stylish products with exceptional value. We offer these Powder Horns as per our customer specifications. Email us for our full catalog.

Blowing Horn

Item Code: DH-6

We supply best quality Blowing horns at very competitive prices. This is made from Cow Horn.  Please let us know your requirements.

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